3 Deal tracking software worth to consider

The growth of sales or services provided leads to the complication of business processes in the company – the need to increase the number of employees, improve communication and create new divisions. Competent use of the functionality of CRM systems allows you to solve the problem of interaction with customers, the creation and automation of business processes. In this article, we will talk about the capabilities of CRM systems, tools for automating the sales department and how you can significantly simplify business processes.

The purpose of using deal tracking software

Sales Opportunity Management is the process of tracking and managing opportunities – leads and customers who have entered your sales cycle with demonstrated interest and ability to purchase your product – as you progress through your sales pipeline. Effective sales opportunity management can be a significant, multifaceted asset for your business. It allows you to better understand your potential customers and prioritize interactions with them based on their business potential.

In the market, CRM systems are still not fully appreciated, since they are presented only as a tool for automating sales and customer relationships. This means that with the help of CRM, automation is realized not only in the aforementioned areas of business activity, but also in marketing, accounting, and logistics activities. Thus, the CRM system falls into the field of vision of top management. Thus, the CRM system becomes the starting point for building and optimizing business processes for the entire organization.

The most effective way to cooperate with an investor is using virtual data room providers which provide a pre-prepared package of documents stored in a secure place.

The main tasks of automating CRM business processes include:

  • increasing the flow of customers and rational allocation of resources;
  • creation of a standardized base of clients and contractors;
  • improving the quality of work with customers – due to the reduction of order processing time;
  • timely control of activities and maximum transparency of the work of the sales department of the enterprise;
  • obtaining statistics on orders and the ability to forecast revenue;

The most popular alternatives of tracking software

There are a huge number of CRM systems on the market, with the help of which you can streamline processes, store contacts, set reminders and enter information about meetings and agreements with each client.

Among the best tracking software there are the following options:

  • Sales Creatio is a ready-made product for automating and accelerating the full sales cycle: from lead to repeat orders. In addition, there are configurations for marketing, service and business process management. The online Marketplace contains ready-made add-ons and industry solutions, connectors and templates to expand the platform’s capabilities and automate various business tasks.
  • OneBox is CRM / ERP program that can work itself, in the background, without requiring human attention. This is a robot guarding your business, which helps you do routine or complex operations that you are frankly sick of, but you need to do them. 
  • Salesforce is an on-demand sales tracking software that is available for small, medium, and enterprise organizations. The focus is on sales and support with capabilities such as sales management, customer service, and partner relationship management.

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