Comfort and Protection: Dog Hoodies

Clothing for dogs is not a luxury or a tribute to fashion. A dog is a warm-blooded animal that, just like a human, is cold at low temperatures and strong winds. And, as for a person, for a dog, clothing is, first of all, a way to protect the body from hypothermia, and then something to decorate. Animals of shorthair breeds, as well as deprived of undercoat, really freeze when walking in cool weather, and especially in winter. We will tell you about all the nuances of a dog’s wardrobe and why you need to buy dog ​​hoodies.

Why do owners buy hoodies and sweaters for dogs

In addition to protection from the cold, for long-haired breeds, clothes also perform a hygienic function in wet weather, allowing the dog to get less dirty. What should be in the dog’s wardrobe? The minimum set of clothes for a dog includes:

  • jumpsuit for winter
  • sweater or sweatshirt for spring and autumn
  • dress or T-shirt for cool summer evenings, waterproof jumpsuit or blanket for rainy weather.

Recommendations for choosing dog clothes

In order to determine the size of the overalls, it is necessary to take two measurements. The first of these is the girth of the chest (measured immediately after the elbows), and the second is the length of the back (measured from the withers to the base of the tail). The best material options for warm clothing are wool or fleece. When buying clothes with long sleeves, you should pay attention to such detail as cuffs. They should clasp a paw so that the sleeves do not jump up and slide.

The practical purpose of clothing for dogs

In addition to clothing that helps retain heat, there is also functional. Reflective vests and cufflinks help the dog not get into trouble at dusk. Protective pants are useful during estrus both in the house, for hygienic reasons, and during walks. Clothes for hunting will help the dog avoid injuries. Protective collars are used during treatment. They do not allow the animal to lick the treated areas of the skin and swell wounds and sutures. We should also mention hats, elastic bands, and hairpins. For some long-haired breeds, removing hair from the eyes is a necessity.

In addition, overheating of the head is extremely undesirable, especially for small animals, so in the heat, it should be protected from direct sunlight. Dog shoes help protect paws from dirt and water. In winter, it will help protect the dog from the cold and all kinds of “surprises” hiding under the snow. The most important thing in shoes is that they should be sized and securely fixed on the paw. Otherwise, your pet risks losing it on the first walk. Decorative clothing for dogs is good for home holidays. It will help create an atmosphere of joy that will affect everyone living under your roof.