How to Turn Avast Off on PC

There are situations when you need to disable Avast antivirus for a while. For example, to install some program that does not pass antivirus. Learn how to turn off Avast for a while in order to realize what was planned in this review.

How to do it on a PC

In the process of working on a PC, situations may arise where the activity of the antivirus program will be malicious. For example, testing a new antivirus or installing a firewall, you will encounter difficulties.

So, find out how to disable antivirus for a while so that it does not interfere. Since Avast, due to its free and fairly effective work, is the most popular antivirus, we’ll use it to learn how to do it.

Step by step description of how to temporarily disable Avast:

  • Go to the system tray (left-click on the white triangle located in the lower right corner of the screen – you will find it near the clock).
  • Right-click the paddle on the icon and select an item from the Manage Screens menu.
  • How to disable avast? Click on one of the suggested menu items. In order not to forget later that the antivirus is disabled, choose a short amount of time.
  • Before you turn off Avast, the system will ask if you are sure of this and whether you understand the risk. Answering Yes, you turn off the program for a selected period of time.

How to temporarily disable Avast using the operating system

You can also deactivate this antivirus using the operating system. For this, you can pay attention to this short guide.

  • Enter the System Configuration. For each version of the Windows operating system has its own way. In order not to get confused, type this text in the search in the explorer, as in the figure. Go to the Services tab and uncheck the line with the antivirus. Do not forget to activate the antivirus.
  • In addition, you can disable antivirus via Task Manager. Press the key combination Ctrl Alt Del. Go to the Manager, select the Services tab.
  • Right-click on the entry with the name of the antivirus.
  • Click on Stop Service.
  • Avast will ask if you are sure. Pressing Yes, you stop it. Do not forget to turn on the antivirus later – this is done in the same manner.

Turn off Antivirus in 2 clicks

First, we need to find the avast antivirus icon in the tray. It looks like on the screen (circled in a red oval) – right-click on it.

Immediately after this, the quick setup menu will appear, where you have to find the item Avast Screen Control. Hover the mouse cursor over there and the settings appear to temporarily disable the avast antivirus. You will be offered a choice of 10 minutes, an hour, before the reboot and forever. It is not advisable to turn off permanently or until restarting, since 90% of users forget to turn it back on, and the computer does not restart often.

Remember the procedure and complete your plans. Do not forget how long you turned off Avast. If the shutdown time has not been set, then after completing the scheduled settings, activate the antivirus. Good luck!


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