McAfee Review

The American company McAfee is one of the world leaders in the field of information security. For more than 30 years, McAfee has been developing solutions for information security, which are used throughout the world by both enterprises and private users. Vendor solutions for enterprises cover key areas of information security and allow for maximum interaction between all solutions, in particular, for the exchange of information about threats and rapid response.

History of Antivirus

The difference in the McAfee approach is based on the ability to integrate vendor products with third-party solutions using McAfee Open DXL, which allows you to combine all the solutions used by the end user into a single ecosystem. This approach makes it possible to withstand complex and targeted attacks, as well as respond to them as quickly as possible.

Why is this brand Trusted?

Cloud security products provide enhanced protection against online threats when using public, private, or hybrid cloud computing technologies. All solutions are managed using a single centralized console (McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator). This console provides effective and operational security infrastructure management. More than 450 million users worldwide trust McAfee, and its solutions have won awards from leading expert organizations (Gartner, NSS Labs, Forrester, etc.).

What is known today about the company?

The vendor platform continues to actively improve towards the development of adaptive security architecture, in which all McAfee and other vendor solutions work together to effectively repel complex and targeted attacks. It is this vendor’s approach to information security that helps customers prevent incidents and attacks in the early stages, identify threats of any complexity, protect the information in advance, manage risks, and ensure compliance with standards.

Protection for mobile devices:

As you know, McAfee is one of the best solutions for PC software, and its mobile version for Android will not disappoint either. In addition to the anti-virus scanner itself, the free features of the application include tracking a lost device, as well as remote locking and erasing data. If your device is stolen, the app can even take a picture of a thief!

Other key features include scanning applications to check for leaks of confidential information and blocking them if necessary. McAfee also blocks access to potentially malicious websites and allows you to create a blacklist of unwanted subscribers.


Worldwide, McAfee customers trust the security of their organizations through an integrated and integrated approach that provides these key benefits:

  • Integration between all McAfee solutions, as well as with solutions from other manufacturers – into a single ecosystem
  • McAfee solutions automatically block malicious files, IP addresses, domains, and update information security policy in accordance with the situation. All elements of IB work as a single integrated solution, which significantly increases the efficiency of the entire system and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Automation of information exchange on threats and reflection attacks
  • Minimum incident response time – seconds from detection to system recovery
  • Exemption of administrators from manual analysis and routine work, which allows efficient use of time specialists.

McAfee is a professional in the fight against cybercrime. Each year, the company is engaged in research in the field of cybercrime each time developing new and new solutions. So, products for PC and mobile devices also guarantee protection against intruders and viruses.

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