Easy Internet Access With Touch VPN

Can’t access some sites and applications? Worried about security when connecting to insecure Wi-Fi hotspots? Want to ensure anonymity (confidentiality) and protection from tracking and hackers? Touch VPN – a secure and free unlimited VPN proxy service – the best solution to your problems! Browse websites for free, securely and anonymously (confidentially) with a free, unlimited VPN service.

Touch VPN is a convenient and simple VPN client that provides completely free and safe surfing on the Internet. Some of you might think, here, they say, have created another VPN-analogue, there are a lot of them in the network, etc. In part, you will be right, but there is one distinguishing feature of this application from many others – ease of use (however, this is indicated in the title). So, if you are not a fan of numerous settings, configurations, and optimizations, we advise you to read our review and get to know more about the presented VPN product.

What does Touch VPN Do?

Using Touch VPN, you can browse websites for free, while using a completely safe and anonymous mode of operation. The service allows you to bypass the blocking of sites, while significantly without losing connection speed. Plus to all – protection against hacker attacks in unlimited mode. Nice, isn’t it?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Touch VPN


  • Strong SSL Encryption
  • The free version (no need to buy anything)
  • Very easy installation, intuitive interface
  • 40+ servers and 30+ countries to choose from (manual and automatic modes)
  • No paid subscriptions, a trial period or malware
  • No speed and data transfer limits

Wifi protection


  • Sometimes unstable connection speed (the problem of all free VPNs)
  • The unclear situation with logs and privacy policy
  • Advertising
  • Takes up a lot of memory
  • No support service

Also, it requires a lot of rights from devices (phone number, email address, etc.)

TouchVPN for Google Chrome

If you need VPN access only for working with sites in a browser window, you can use the extension for the Chrome browser.

The extension is implemented not only in Chrome but also in any other Chromium-based browsers if they support working with content from the Chrome store. Among them are Vivaldi, Opera. Recall that in the Opera browser earn extensions from the Chrome store, in the Opera itself, you must first install the Install Chrome Extensions extension from its native store.

After installation, the TouchVPN extension will be embedded in the browser toolbar. If you need to enable VPN, click the extension button. We select one of the 14 countries of IP spoofing. And the connection will be established.

Default VPN Connection

Both the application and the Chrome extension initially assume the choice of a default IP substitution country, these are the “Automatic” and “Select Automatically” items, respectively. These items can be left if the country of IP spoofing is not of fundamental importance, as is the case with territorially blocked web content. Automatic selection provides an optimal VPN connection with a connection to an unloaded server.