Vipre Antivirus Review

This is a comprehensive antivirus that has received numerous awards in independent testing that includes proactive threat protection technologies, personal firewall, antispam, web filter, vulnerability protection in one easy solution for complete protection against malware and Internet threats.

Innovative Computer Protection

Anti-virus protection combines VIPRE and Bitdefender technologies, offering antivirus, antispyware, anti-rootkit and proactive protection methods.

Antivirus has a wide variety of different components to protect the system: a firewall to protect against internal and external Internet threats, anti-spam to filter email, block spam and phishing, web protection filters visited websites and blocks malicious resources. Also here there is a component Easy Update supports up to date installed applications and Windows, checking for the latest updates, installing them, protecting against possible vulnerabilities.

Additional Anti-Virus Options

  • Antivirus and antispyware. An effective anti-virus engine with anti-spyware and improved anti-rootkit technology.
  • Advanced Active Protection. Extended active real-time protection includes the following improvements:
  • Edge Protection. The proactive Edge Protection component is designed to detect zero-day threats hidden on web pages. Most modern malware spreads via exploits and compromised web pages. This function will block pages containing exploits in the code.
  • Asset Protection (AP). This is an option for real-time malware detection. AP works in the background when you are working or visiting websites on the Internet, it constantly monitors files when they are launched, without slowing down your computer system.
  • Mail antivirus. Protect incoming and outgoing email from malicious attachments.
  • The scanner of connected devices. The anti-virus includes a scanner of devices connected to the computer, which automatically checks USB-drives and other devices for the presence of malicious files.
  • Automatic firewall. The security software includes an automatically configured, easy-to-use firewall to protect against incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. Advanced users can use advanced settings to customize the firewall based on personal preferences.
  • Intrusion Detection System. The solution includes an intrusion detection system (IDS) to protect against hackers and network threats.
  • Internet protection against online threats. Web protection filters all visited websites and blocks malicious and suspicious Internet resources.
  • Protection from spam and phishing. Anti-Spam allows you to filter incoming e-mail for protection from spam and phishing.
  • Protection against vulnerabilities. The Easy Update option protects against malware that exploits vulnerabilities in third-party applications. While developers release patches and security updates of their products, Easy Update receives these updates and applies them on your computer automatically.

Attention: For effective operation of all anti-virus functions, a computer with at least 1 GB of RAM and 1 GB of free disk space, running on 32- or 64-bit versions of Windows OS is required.

Mobile version of antivirus

As you know, personal data on a mobile phone is threatened by Trojans, viruses, hackers, and theft of devices. However, this antivirus is able to protect user data and prevent the threat of hacking. The mobile version has the following functionality:

  • Antivirus. Prevents hacking and loss of sensitive data.
  • Backup Contacts. Creates a backup of contacts and safely stores them online.
  • Siren. Allows you to detect a lost device by turning on a loud sound – sirens, even if the smartphone is in silent mode.
  • Online management. Manage the protection of multiple smartphones and tablets with a single account.

This is an effective mobile antivirus with the protection of Android devices from malicious applications, theft or loss. In addition to high-quality anti-virus functions, the application also provides anti-theft remote functions, cloud backup, and activity monitoring.


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